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Do you want to grow your company through becoming a more effective Leader or by creating a more strategic and cohesive Leadership Team?

Leader Programme


The Invest NI Leader Programme (PDF) is specifically designed to enable leaders to grow their business through the development of strong leadership competencies.  The Programme offers the opportunity to assess your business’s performance, identify opportunities, overcome challenges and build capability.

Through a combination of peer networking events, specialist business mentoring and 1-2-1 leadership coaching, the Leader Programme provides challenge, support and learning for you in this volatile and rapidly changing business environment.

You will be exposed to some of the latest leadership thinking from guest speakers. During the networking sessions, you will get the opportunity to share experiences with other MD’s and benefit from the advice of an experienced business mentor, to guide you with the development of a strategic growth plan. You will also benefit from engaging with a leadership coach, uncovering valuable insights to help develop your leadership capability and how best to build supporting talent structures to support the delivery of your growth ambitions.

Find out how you can apply for the Invest NI Leader Programme here

Case study | Find out how SDG and Kaizen Print Ltd benefited from The Leader Programme

Leadership Team Programme

The Invest NI Leadership Team Programme (PDF) focuses on developing the skills, strategic focus and relationships of the top team in order to achieve business growth. It combines world class executive education, executive team coaching, and peer-to-peer learning through facilitated sessions. The CEO/MD participates in coaching and CEO peer network sessions. This provides a space to share ideas, insights, and experiences with like-minded Leaders. In addition, through wider team coaching, each participating team translates the core learnings from the programme to their own business context, creating a clear roadmap for growth.

Case study | Take a look at how the Leadership Team have supported businesses who have previously taken part in the programme

Leading within a Group Programme

The Invest NI Leading within a Group Programme (PDF) is open to CEO's and site leads of companies located in Northern Ireland with a parent company based elsewhere. The programme recognises the specific complexities and issues faced by leaders operating within a wider Group/global structure.

You will be inspired to think and act differently and will be equipped with the tools to help you develop a growth plan. Through a tailored executive education programme you will have access to global best practice in leadership and will work with executive coaches to build your leadership competencies and drive the growth of your business.

Case study | Find out how previous participants benefitted from the Leading within a Group Programme | Hyster-Yale Group, Expleo & Microsoft

Accelerating Growth Programme

The  Accelerating Growth Programme (PDF) is designed to help you identify where your business is, where you want to be and what you need to do to take your business forward.

The programme uses a combination of webinars and business mentoring to provide both challenge and support for participants seeking to manage their SME business in a rapidly changing business environment.

The programme takes place over 4 months and includes:

  • Business mentoring to provide advice, guidance, challenge and support
  • A business diagnostic to help you identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Webinars to help you adapt, innovate and refocus your business faster.
  • An action plan to take your business forward

Case study | Learn how the Accelerating Growth Programme helped BellaMoon take their business to the next level  | Irene Breen

Non-Executive Director Scheme

The  Invest NI Non-Executive Director (NED) scheme (PDF) provides Invest NI customers with financial support to engage an experienced NED, who will work with you to accelerate growth and to overcome specific barriers.

The NED will provide independent advice, guidance, challenge and knowledge transfer at board level, which will help your business to compete successfully and maintain competitive advantage over the longer term.

The scheme includes grant support up to £15,000 or 49% of eligible costs (whichever is the lesser) over two years to engage with an experienced NED.

To be eligible for the scheme you should:

  • Be a limited company registered in Northern Ireland
  • Have turnover of at least £500k, with 25% export sales

Accessing expertise through a Non-Executive Director can be an effective way to accelerate business growth, ensure competitiveness and lead to higher productivity and growth.

Case Study | Hear how Aurion Learning has benefitted from taking part in Invest NI’s NED scheme | Maureen Murphy

Leadership Events

Invest NI provides ongoing opportunities for business leaders to remain connected while continuously developing both their businesses and their leadership skills. A range of events for the alumni of our leadership programmes are organised annually.

Invest NI also hosts best practice events that bring together international and local business speakers to talk about their experience and provide access to a range of assessment tools.

Read our feature: Ben Bryant wows local business leaders at Leadership Masterclass

The Mentoring Scheme

The aim of this scheme is to improve the capability and growth of ambitious Invest NI companies through the engagement of a business mentor. The scheme includes a grant up to a maximum of £4,000 or 49% of eligible costs for the engagement of an experienced mentor over a 12 month period.

Not sure that this support is right for you? Contact us and we can explore options for your business together.

Our support may be subject to some eligibility criteria.

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